My name’s Thomas Sharpe and I’m a game designer!

One of my earliest and most vivid childhood memories is a moment from my first day of elementary school. The teacher started class by going around and asking everybody what they wanted to be when they grow up. Most everyone said the usual (doctor, singer, veterinarian, etc...), until it was my turn. I proudly exclaimed that I planned to make video games for a living, to which the teacher responded:

“Oh . . . Well what else do you want to do?”

Today, I’m attending one of the top-ranked programs in America for studying that very profession. Ever since I first got my hands on a game controller, I've been fascinated by the concept of play and the wealth of invaluable experiences it can provide. Much more than just escapism, I view playing games as a means to create, perform, imagine, and explore inside safe environments, where self-conciousness is exchanged for imagination and creativity.

From a young age, I've experienced first-hand how incredibly powerful video games can be. Now more then ever, games have the power to positively influence and affect players around the world. The potential to create genuinely impactful and lasting works of art has never been greater. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born at a time to witness the blossoming of this brand new, revolutionary artistic medium. And even luckier to have the opportunity to shape its bright, limitless future.